Friday, April 3, 2009


Another unwanted cutie. Cast away after she had puppies, she went from the owner to 3 other homes until she came to us. She is just what every adopter wants in a dog. Cute, personable, plays when you want to, cuddles, and looks up at you like your the most awesome person she's ever met.

Again, I'm left wondering how anyone could give up this precious babe. Its rarely about the dog but often says so much about the person.


Patty said...

What a precious looking dog...but then again, they're ALL precious. It's a sad, sad fact but Dogs are so much better than most human-beings. I consider my dogs to be one of my greatest blessings...if I lost all of my worldly possessions but still had my dogs I would still consider myself blessed.

jain said...

Peaches went to an awesome home in Michigan with a retired couple who just lost their beloved pom x. They also have a little tripod pom,Laci, who is getting along well with Peaches. "Peachy poo" is getting all the love and attention she could want now. She's happy and so am I.

We who have dogs in our lives are truly blessed.