Sunday, April 26, 2009

Backyard breeders, grrr...

Sac was purchased from a backyard breeder as a puppy. Now he's 8 months old and too much to handle for his senior owner. To a backyard breeder, all it takes is money. No references checked. No questions about experience or what would happen to the dog in the event of the owner's "incapacity" (or worse). Just: HERE'S your dog, that'll be $600 please.

I live in a small area where it takes awhile to find good homes for big dogs, especially German Shepherds, even purebreds. You can find them in a shelter for $150 and I've known many people to just give them away. They're usually mistrustful of strangers, tend to run rather than stick around off leash, and need plenty of exercise. They're heavy shedders, tend to have health problems, and can be an insurance liability. And they're really strong. (I once transported a White GSD who had to be walked by 2 people and we could barely handle him together). These dogs are not for the inexperienced.

Sac's owner had no idea what he was getting in to. His last dog had died at 13 yrs old, he didn't realize the demands of raising a puppy or the brute strength of a teenage GSD. The breeder should have known but was more concerned about making money than getting this dog a good home.

I'll spend many hours getting the dog neutered and doing reference checks and home visits so Sac will go to the right home. At a fraction of the amount originally paid for him. There's little profit in rescue, its all about making sure the dog gets a good home.

So in the best case scenario, this dog would have had a good, prepared, permanent home to begin with. In this scenario, at least the owner found a rescuer instead of just chaining him to a doghouse or dumping him on another unprepared person. It could have been worse.

UPDATE: I'm happy to say Sac went home with his new family yesterday. He has a GSD friend, a big fenced in yard to play with her in, 3 older kids who love dogs, and a mom and dad who are experienced with shepherds. He'll live indoors, get plenty of love, attention and exercise. Best of all, he'll get to be a puppy again! YAY!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Another unwanted cutie. Cast away after she had puppies, she went from the owner to 3 other homes until she came to us. She is just what every adopter wants in a dog. Cute, personable, plays when you want to, cuddles, and looks up at you like your the most awesome person she's ever met.

Again, I'm left wondering how anyone could give up this precious babe. Its rarely about the dog but often says so much about the person.