Sunday, December 23, 2012


O'brien's 3 1/2 months old, hes been with me since he was 7 weeks.  Doesn't sound like long but its been forever.  He and his siblings came to me from a feral momma in the neighborhood.  We live on a busy street so it was either leave them out to fend for themselves or take them in and find homes.  They all tamed in a day, so little and sweet, playful as can be.

They were the 2nd set to come to me, the first was in a foster home then went to the humane society who found them all homes by 4 months.  Not this time, they're still on a wait list and no word on when they can be taken in.  Just as well since I heard they were giving cats away now.  I can't bear to think of the kinds of homes who get these furbabies, there are so many who need homes how careful can a humane society be and still function?  I've had a difficult time myself, found homes for 2 females but now its getting harder; one recent applicant backed out after finding a younger kitten; 2 others were under 21 and not in stable situations.

I'm starting to wonder if I'll be stuck with them.  I'm trying not to panic but I really don't want more cats-I have 2 adults who were left here 6 months ago that I didn't want.  One is ill, the other sprays even though he's fixed so I can't rehome either of them, even if anyone wanted adult cats.

What if the humane society says they'll take the kittens now?  They're almost 4 months old, will they get good homes, will they sit in cages for months?  Will they be returned?  I didn't put all this time and love into them only to have them fall into a bad situation.

I'll just keep trying.

Feral momma is pregnant again, about to have her babies any day.  I've been trying to trap her but so far she's too smart to get caught.  Sadly, she will have to do this all on her own but I will be watching and hoping for the best, whatever that is. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Missing Dog

This dog was recently listed as missing in the Stockton area. Someone wrote that whenever he was left with the husband, the husband let him run. I can't figure out why anyone lets their dogs run unattended. WHAT are they thinking? I've had a difficult time finding homes for dogs because so many people find this as an acceptable way of exercising their dogs; I can't adopt to people who do this-I've rescued them and poured my money and heart into them, I'm not about to risk them getting killed by a wild animal, lost, stolen or hit by a car. This is completely preventable and unacceptable! They may enjoy it but its just not safe for them. They're like children, depending on us to make the best decisions for them.

I now have a fenced yard and walk my dogs every day. They're older now and much easier to satisfy but they aren't calm lazy dogs so its not easy. But I couldn't imagine just opening the door and letting them run free. Even with reliable dogs who stay right in the yard, there may be a point where they spot a rabbit or some other distraction and chase them until they're lost or in trouble. Or maybe someone opens their car door and takes them. Or finds them lost and drops them off at a kill shelter, or keeps them. So many never return for whatever reason. If you're one of those people who insist your dog always comes back, I wish you the best but don't be surprised if one day they don't.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Percy's looking for a home. He's 3 1/2 months old, born to a feral momma who left him when she moved her other kittens. He was only 5 1/2 weeks old at the time and became tame overnight. I eventually captured his siblings but only after Percy'd been alone for a short while.

He's rough and fiesty but playful, purrs a lot! The other 3 are very gentle and calm but not Percy-he pounces, bounces and strikes ;)

He's definitely a cutie pie but not for just anyone. If you like a very active and self-assured kitty, Percy's your cat.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sampson is a 6 yr old husky mix looking for a home. He's lived outside for 6 years and as if that wasn't bad enough he had to have his left eye removed due to infection. He's a happy and spirited boy who desperately needs someone to love him. Could that be you?

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm back ;)

Wow, its been a looooong time since I've been here but its symbolic of my life, I wasn't there either. I can't fully explain it but I felt hopeless and lost my direction. There have been many changes; loss, confusion and pain that I had to work through to come back but I think the biggest factor has been learning to live one day at a time. I've rarely been in the "here and now", didn't know how to do that. I took on so much emotionally that I just lost control, and was forced to stop thinking about yesterdays regrets and tomorrows fears and it taught me that I couldn't handle anything but the present.

Its been a tough lesson but I feel stronger now and hope I can continue to remember it even when things are going well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Poor Bullet. We got him from a woman at the beginning of May who couldn't take care of him any more. (Her husband left, she's never home, etc.)

Bullet has had bloody diarrhea since at least last November after the woman's husband left. The vet says its colitis but we don't know what's causing it. We've had him dewormed and on several different medications, grain free food, etc; he had to have surgery to sew his rectum in because it wouldn't go back in on its own (from the constant straining). The vet says it'll take time but I have my doubts 'cause it just goes on and on...

He's a wonderful dog, great with other dogs, adults and kids. He's happy and active and so lovable, but the damn bloody diarrhea won't stop. We've spent way too much of our funds already and he needs so much more--maybe a specialist and I don't know how we're going to afford it. He needs a guardian angel!

No one would adopt him like this so we have to figure it out. We just have to.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Backyard breeders, grrr...

Sac was purchased from a backyard breeder as a puppy. Now he's 8 months old and too much to handle for his senior owner. To a backyard breeder, all it takes is money. No references checked. No questions about experience or what would happen to the dog in the event of the owner's "incapacity" (or worse). Just: HERE'S your dog, that'll be $600 please.

I live in a small area where it takes awhile to find good homes for big dogs, especially German Shepherds, even purebreds. You can find them in a shelter for $150 and I've known many people to just give them away. They're usually mistrustful of strangers, tend to run rather than stick around off leash, and need plenty of exercise. They're heavy shedders, tend to have health problems, and can be an insurance liability. And they're really strong. (I once transported a White GSD who had to be walked by 2 people and we could barely handle him together). These dogs are not for the inexperienced.

Sac's owner had no idea what he was getting in to. His last dog had died at 13 yrs old, he didn't realize the demands of raising a puppy or the brute strength of a teenage GSD. The breeder should have known but was more concerned about making money than getting this dog a good home.

I'll spend many hours getting the dog neutered and doing reference checks and home visits so Sac will go to the right home. At a fraction of the amount originally paid for him. There's little profit in rescue, its all about making sure the dog gets a good home.

So in the best case scenario, this dog would have had a good, prepared, permanent home to begin with. In this scenario, at least the owner found a rescuer instead of just chaining him to a doghouse or dumping him on another unprepared person. It could have been worse.

UPDATE: I'm happy to say Sac went home with his new family yesterday. He has a GSD friend, a big fenced in yard to play with her in, 3 older kids who love dogs, and a mom and dad who are experienced with shepherds. He'll live indoors, get plenty of love, attention and exercise. Best of all, he'll get to be a puppy again! YAY!