Friday, February 13, 2009

Ginny found her Angel

Ginny lived with a senior citizen until he died and then she lived in his trailer alone for a month until the owner's son found someone willing to take her. This person brought her to Dogs Deserve Better in Dunkirk. We had hoped to get her adopted but she turned out to be older than we thought and had medical issues.

Ginny has been in a foster home and at a boarding kennel for 15 months as she has Cushings symptoms (drinks lots of water and needs to go out frequently to potty), and is 9 years old. No one has expressed any interest in her until Debby came along (most people only want carefree, low maintenance dogs.)

Debby saw Ginny at the boarding kennel and noticed her sad eyes and asked a lot of questions until we agreed to give her a chance with Ginny. I have been taking Ginny to the vets every few weeks or months for testing to find out why she has constant thirst and urination. She's had a couple urinary infections and had to have several teeth removed in the meantime. We still do not know what her illness is.

Debby not only loves Ginny, she wanted her even when she found out about Ginny's medical problems. She loves her in spite of her issues and has gone out of her way to accomodate her constant need for water and frequent potty breaks. She's had Ginny approved to go to work with her as a therapy dog so that she can take her to work when no one's home to care for her. Debby obviously sees Ginny's value in spite of the extra time and work she requires.

I'm truly amazed that they found each other and truly grateful that Ginny found her furever home. This tells me there is hope for all dogs, no matter what their situation.

I am eternally grateful to the boarding kennel operator who took good care of Ginny for a long time and gave her love and attention until her furever home could be found. I have no doubt that if Ginny had been taken to the spca, she would have been euthanized. She owes her life to the people who stuck by her and respected her as a deserving creature, as they all are. I'm proud to know so many people who value the lives of these living creatures even when its not cheap or convenient.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Emma

Emma is a 4 month old, 19 lb beagle found a couple weeks ago. So far, no one is looking for her. She is a cute, sweet little thing who was found going through somebody's garbage on an extremely cold day. The woman who took her home went door to door throughout the neighborhood looking for the owner but no one knew who she could belong to.

Hard to believe no one's looking for this wonderful little puppy. I wonder where she came from and why someone isn't out there doing everything imaginable to find their baby. How did she ever end up out in the cold? Did she slip out the door after a rabbit?, was she out playing with the kids and just ran off? She isn't starving and doesn't seem to be abused so who would let her go?

Emma, is someone looking for you? Were you loved? Do you miss your family? Do they miss you? Maybe you were given to someone who didn't really care what happened to you although its hard to imagine. Whatever your story, only you know. I will make sure it ends well though, Chris, Francine, and I.