Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Emma

Emma is a 4 month old, 19 lb beagle found a couple weeks ago. So far, no one is looking for her. She is a cute, sweet little thing who was found going through somebody's garbage on an extremely cold day. The woman who took her home went door to door throughout the neighborhood looking for the owner but no one knew who she could belong to.

Hard to believe no one's looking for this wonderful little puppy. I wonder where she came from and why someone isn't out there doing everything imaginable to find their baby. How did she ever end up out in the cold? Did she slip out the door after a rabbit?, was she out playing with the kids and just ran off? She isn't starving and doesn't seem to be abused so who would let her go?

Emma, is someone looking for you? Were you loved? Do you miss your family? Do they miss you? Maybe you were given to someone who didn't really care what happened to you although its hard to imagine. Whatever your story, only you know. I will make sure it ends well though, Chris, Francine, and I.

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