Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gasport Dog

I'd gotten many emails from people begging me for advice, with the subject title "Gasport dog".

Sara lived in an outside kennel for most of her 2 1/2 years. She had a companion but he disappeared awhile ago and so she'd lived alone with a lonely doghouse as her only comfort. Poor thing, she's afraid of all new things, won't get in the car, sometimes won't go inside after a walk and sometimes won't go outside. She crouches down and lets her entire 60 lbs become dead weight. She doesn't fight me but she doesn't help either. I guess this is how she chooses to deal with her scary new world-by not consenting to participate.

The good news is that she's coming around. She's wagging her tail and giving kisses. She loves and trusts Julie and she's great with other dogs. She is gentle and sensitive. She will be an ideal family companion. I curse the woman who forced her into solitude, but its so common for people to be so aware of their own needs and so oblivious to others.

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