Sunday, December 7, 2008


We picked up JR yesterday from Panama. I first saw him a couple months ago on Freecycle looking for a home, a forlorn creature alone and looking resigned to his fate.

He lived chained to a doghouse for a year and a half, all of his life. I haven't been able to get him off my mind so when I found out he was still chained to that doghouse, I had to go get him. How can anyone take such a loyal, social creature and isolate him this way?

We picked a blustery, 20 degree day after it had snowed a foot to drive out into the boonies for this boy. I'd never been to Panama, a small, out in the sticks kind of place. Luck was with us and between our google map and GPS, we didn't get lost or run into any icy roads.

This poor dog growled and barked at me for about 10 seconds until he decided I was a friend and started jumping up and licking me. He was so happy for attention. Knowing that he wouldn't bite me was all I needed to see and off we went. He was scared to get into the car and took quite a bit of convincing, pushing, and pulling but we got him in. He'd never been in a car, or a house or even to the vet in all this time.

JR's at a nearby boarding kennel for now until we can get him vetted and ready for adoption. He has an inside kennel and a huge fenced in yard to run in. He seems to get along with other dogs so he will have plenty of doggy company to play with. JR is so happy to have attention now, he seems to smile at me in thanks. How can these creatures be so forgiving and so grateful after all they've been through? I can't imagine.


Sheila said...

He's a beauty!

Sheila said...

Btw, I added you to my Links :)

The Lone Beader said...

What a cute doggie face! I hope he finds a good home!