Friday, December 12, 2008

The spirit of Christmas

I just read an article in my local paper about the importance of buying local. But to have a truly terrific holiday season, I will donate time or money to the less fortunate instead of driving myself crazy trying to find the perfect gift for people who already have more than enough.

We're a society of consumers. We work more, buy more, pollute more and waste more than is necessary for our survival. Why not work less and enjoy more? How many toys, tv's, and things do we need? How much money and how many hours must we spend in line to have a "happy" holiday?

I just can't stand all the excess anymore. And I'm a part of it, but I'm trying to change. I just don't need anything and I don't want anyone wearing themselves out just to make sure I have more. The people I buy for don't need anything either so it takes forever to figure out what to buy, its just gotten so old! I refuse to spend what little spare time I have driving to a mall and spending more than I can afford to buy useless stuff that is so unnecessary.

The true spirit of Christmas is not "shop 'til you drop" but to give to those less fortunate. I will keep this in mind for the holidays and support human and animal charities to help those who are truly in need.


moi said...

check out !

jain said...

I actually gave a donation to Clay County Humane Association in West Virginia. They're one of the poorest rescue's I know of and they don't get any government funding.